Frequently Asked Questions/About Us

What are you guys all about?
We're an all request live music experience! You choose a song off of our list, text it to us, and we play it for you!

Sounds great! I'm going to text like 20 songs...
Feel free, and if there aren't many other requests in the queue, we'll do a few of them! If you send in a lot, though, we tend to pick the more popular songs to do first!

Do you play songs in the order you get them?
To some extent! We try to prioritize anyone who hasn't requested a song yet that night, so that everyone can get at least one request in. We also prioritize any song that gets multiple requests all at once.. and we also try to break things up so that it's not all one genre, not all slow songs, etc... depending on the needs of the venue and audience!

Where do you usually play?
It varies. Request Station works very well as entertainment for corporate functions. People also tend to enjoy Request Station at restaurants, nightclubs, bars, and similiar public venues.

Why should we hire you?
We play exactly what your crowd asks for! They literally choose the songs. Request Station is also comprised of professional musicians, who have years of experience. Volume control, the perfect songlist, and people staying to hear the song they want!

What if no one requests anything?
If no one texts any requests in, the band will play some of the more popular songs until a request comes though. To be honest, though, people enjoy being a part of the fun, and this is hardly ever a concern!

Okay, so who are the musicians in Request Station?
Request Station is comprised of Cory Spivey on lead guitar and vocals, Jason Swain on acoustic guitar/bass guitar and vocals, and Joseph Peace on drums(and occasionally keys).

Drums!? That sounds loud...
Absolutely not! Volume control is a key point to what we do. We realize that not every stage is a stadium, and sometimes the band isn't meant to be exceedingly loud. For that reason, we play with an electronic drum kit, no bass amp onstage, and a very low volume guitar amp when we do full band shows.

Oh wow, can you play my wedding/huge event?
We CAN, and we will if you insist, but the musicians in this band actually play in a wedding and event band tailor made for that sort of thing, Popwire, as well as an all 90s band, The Feenies!

I love the idea of a theme band! Can you guys do X THEME for my event?
Yes! You can view a few of our tinier 30-90 minute set theme bands under the "Request-A-Band" link. If you have a theme you don't see a band for, contact us, and we'll see if it's something we can pull off!

I have a question you didn't mention here.
Please reach out to us via email at

You control the party, with Request Station!

Request Station Acoustic Duo

Acoustic OR Full Band

Request Station performs as an acoustic duo, an acoustic trio with keys, or as a full band. No matter the lineup, you get world class musicians, and all the songs you know and love!


Something for everyone!

Request Station's songlist, both as a full band and an acoustic act, has an extensive list of over 300 songs, across genres, eras, tempos, and styles. There's something for everyone!

Eagles Nest Marquee

You Control the Party!

Control the party, right from your fingertips, by texting your request live to 757-541-8580 during the show!