Feed the Pig! (Our virtual tip jar)

Thanks for clicking the pig! At our shows, you can usually find our tip pig on the table towards the front of the stage, and while we love when people tip to show appreciation, there's NO obligation to do so. Getting to pick the songs is free of charge for everyone, regardless of whether or not you tip! That said, we've been asked to include a virtual tip jar on our site. Our tip jar is available at www.paypal.me/requeststation.

Whether you tipped us a little, tipped us a lot, or prefer to just sit back and enjoy the tunes, THANK YOU! We appreciate you as much as you appreciate us!

You control the party, with Request Station!

Request Station Acoustic Duo

Acoustic OR Full Band

Request Station performs as an acoustic duo, an acoustic trio with keys, or as a full band. No matter the lineup, you get world class musicians, and all the songs you know and love!


Something for everyone!

Request Station's songlist, both as a full band and an acoustic act, has an extensive list of over 300 songs, across genres, eras, tempos, and styles. There's something for everyone!

Eagles Nest Marquee

You Control the Party!

Control the party, right from your fingertips, by texting your request live to 757-541-8580 during the show!